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Setting up your voicemail
Simply dial 909 or +64 9 280 0909 and you will be guided through the voicemail setup process. For more information about voicemail, here's a handy user guide.




If you require global roaming to be activated on your mobile, please contact our business support team on 0800 89 5000.

Remember to save your contacts in the international format (eg + 64 278 xxx xxx) so you can call from overseas.

Please also ensure you know your voicemail PIN number before leaving as this is required to access messages while you are away.

Handset information:
Some handy links to the websites of the mobile handsets we support:

Data and MMS settings

CallPlus devices use the following data settings:

CallPlus Mobile Internet / Data

Mobile Internet (HTML) APN:

Picture Messaging (MMS) settings


MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 8080


MCC: 530

MNC: 05

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